CBS32The Jewish People constitute a tiny percent of planet earth’s population. Our contributions to the world, however, are vast and deep. The fields of science, literature, medicine, philosophy, and entertainment (to name just a few) have all been enriched by contributions made by the Jewish People. At Congregation Beth Shalom, we continually seek to advance the idea that we as Jews can be counted on to contribute to the communities we live in.

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Social Action

4324222Social Action is an important element of synagogue life at Congregation Beth Shalom. Originating in Mishnaic and Talmudic writings, the term Tikkun Olam has come to mean the act of making a positive contribution to the world. CBS continues to be a force for good, performing mitzvot and actively working to ensure the welfare of our congregants and our community. From volunteering at the local Sova Food Bank to adding our collective voices for Israel Advocacy, CBS is committed to social action close to home and close to the heart.


Family Promise

CBS7“Transforming the lives of homeless families. Because every child deserves a home.”

This is the purpose of Family Promise and, in turn, the promise that Congregation Beth Shalom has made to our community. CBS has embraced this national, interfaith organization and its mission to help homeless families get off the street and back on their feet. By regularly partnering with Family Promise, we provide temporary housing and meals for the families we host. The ultimate goal is to help them graduate from the program and achieve personal independence.

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Mitzvah Corps

CBS25Life Happens. And when it happens to you, your family members or others in the CBS Community, Mitzvah Corps is there to help. Assisting with daily needs like meals and local rides is one way Mitzvah Corps gets involved. From providing transportation to and from doctor appointments, visiting the infirmed or ensuring a minyan at shiva sittings, Mitzvah Corps takes care of the wellbeing of our congregants.

Please contact the CBS Office regarding the Mitzvah Corps.


“SOVA” is a Hebrew word that means “eat and be satisfied.” Much more than a food pantry, JFS SOVA provides free groceries and an array of supportive services to over 9,000 individuals of all ages, ethnicities and religions each month. At SOVA’s two comprehensive service centers in the Los Angeles area, we offer Sustenance: Free nutritious food that nourishes families, helps children perform better in school, and strengthens the elderly. Opportunity: Free on-site services including legal advocacy, job counseling, nutrition counseling, food stamp enrollment, information and referrals, case management and counseling. Volunteerism: Hundreds of people of all ages work together each week to support the program and the community. Advocacy: We reach out to the community and legislators in support of vulnerable members of society in need of food, opportunity and social services. Our SOVA collection is located in our front lobby. As with our Family Promise program, we care for the poor and hungry. It is our responsibility as Jews to do so. It is the moral and correct thing to do. We invite you to bring appropriate food items at any time. The professionals from SOVA pick up and distribute the food to the needed at their distribution center.